General Rules 2017

“ANDREJ’S RUN“ – “24th Vršič Run“

The 23nd Annual “Vršič Run“  will take place at 10:00 on Sunday, June 25, 2017 in Kranjska Gora. Organized by Kranjska Gora Turist Society, The “Vršič Run“ is due to its 12k uphill run a well-trained recreational (and profesional) runner oriented event.

Runners are encouraged to arrive by 9:45 for registration at the foothills of Kranjska Gora ski lifts, at the restaurant “Osterija˝ (near hotel Kompas).

EVENT DATE: Kranjska Gora, 06/25/2017
START: 10:00
Height Difference: 811 m
Start: 810 m.s.l. – Kranjska Gora
Finish: 1611m.n.m. – Vršič Pass
LENGTH: 12km
REGISTRATION: from 8:00 to 10:00

Competition categories:
Man A – born  in y.1998 and later (to 20 years of age)
Man B – born between 1997-1988 (from 20 to 29 years of age)
Man C – born between 1987-1978 (from 30 to 39 years of age)
Man D – born between 1977-1968 (from 40 to 49 years of age)
Man E – born between 1967-1958 (from 50 to 59 years of age)
Man F – born between 1957-1948 (from 60 to 69 years of age)
Man G – born in y. 1947 and earlier (over 70)

Women A – born in y.1988 in and later (to 30 years of age)
Women B – born between 1987-1978 (from 30 to 39 years of age)
Women C – born between 1977-1968 (from 40 to 49 years of age)
Women D – born between 1967-1958 (from 50 to 59 years of age)
Women E – born in y.1957 and earlier (over 60)

The Vršič Run takes place on same location (start/finish) as in previous years and with same course (road from Kranjska Gora to Vršič Pass). REGISTRATION and START of the run are held at/from restaurant “Osterija“ near hotel “Kompas“ at the foothills of Kranjska Gora ski slopes. Competitors run first “warming up“ trough village to the hotel “Lek“ where official competition and timing begin. Finish line is set after app 12k of uphill run at the top of Vršič Pass. Competitors run full time on traffic closed road. IMPORTANT NOTICE – due to roadworks the road is partly unpaved.

Water stations on the course:
1. – “Mihov dom“ at 5,5km
2. – “Koča na gozdu“ at 7,2km
3. – “Tonkina koča“ at 9km
4. – “Erjavčeva koča“ 10,3 km
5. – “Cilj/Finish“

Return from Vršič Pass to the start in Kranjska Gora is organized  by bus departing after last runner finishes the run.

Due to changable weather conditions and “on open“ finish area, use of warm and windproof clothes is recommended. Competitors can transport their bags/backpacks on 2 busses leaving starting area in Kranjska Gora 20 minutes before competition start (9:40!!!). IMPORTANT NOTICE:  The organizer is not responsible for lost items and possible damage made during transportation.
After returning from Vršič pass all competitors receive warm meal on the terrace of the restaurant “Osterija”

Award ceremony
The three highest ranked competitors in each category will receive award trophy and prizes. Ceremony is taken place on the terrace of restaurant “Osterija“ at app. 14:00.

Additional information/registration and are available on:
mobile 00386 41 365 765
or  e-mail


Every participant shall take part in the competition at his/her own risk. The organizer is not responsible for any damage caused to the materials and people, personal accident insurance is recommended.

Medical help shall be available along the course, organizer provides medical care at the time of competition/ascent, which ends after participant crosses the finish line.

General Provisions

By registering the participant confirms that information written on the application form  on the day of the event flyer are true. Participant states that it is healthy, prepared for active participation, medically examined and medically fit to finish the route of competition. Competitor agrees to respect all instructions of the organizer and will participate at his own risk. The participant confirms that accepts the risks associated with participation and will not assert any claims, nor will invest any action against rhe organizer for any damage suffered in connection with participation in the event. The participant agrees that the organizers publish his/her data, photos, videos and statements in the media.

The organizer will use the personal information of the participant in accordance with the Law on Personal Data Protection Act (Official Gazette. RS. 86/2004 to 113/2005). By signing the participant authorizes the organizer that his/her personal data are processed in their collections and used for the following purposes: statistical processing, segmentation, contractual obligations, sending offers, promotional material, magazines and invitations to events organizer and its partners, telephone, written and electronic surveys. Participant has all the rights according to the Consumer Protection Act (ZVPot-NPB5).


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