RAZPIS / General Rules 2023

Kranjska Gora Tourist Association invites all cycling enthusiasts to the traditional, this year already 44rd “Assault on Vršič“.

The 44nd Annual “Assault on Vršič“  will take place at 11:00 on Saturday, September the 2nd, 2023 in Kranjska Gora. Organized by Kranjska Gora Turist Society, traditional cycling “Assault Vršič“ is due to its 12k uphill run a well-trained recreational (and profesional) cyclist oriented event.

Cyclists are encouraged to arrive by 10:45 for registration at the foothills of Kranjska Gora ski lifts at the hotel “Ramada & Suite Resort Kranjska Gora“ (ex Hotel Prisank).

EVENT DATE: Kranjska Gora, September 2nd 2023
START: 11:00
Ascent: 811 m
Start: 810 m.s.l. – Kranjska Gora
Finish: 1611m.n.m. – Vršič Pass
LENGTH: 12km (13,5km in total)
MAX SLOPE: 10.8%
REGISTRATION: from 8:00 to 10:40
PRE REGISTRATION: from 1.7.2023 to 28.8.2023 
ENTRY FEE: 22 € pre-registration, 30€ on day of event

Group start from pole position under Kranjska Gora ski slopes. Introductory “warm up“ kilometers take the group around Kranjska Gora, join Vršič Road and pass official start line at the “Best Western Hotel“.

Participants are kindly requested to arrive on time!

The final ranking will be considered “tare“ times. “Tare“time is the sum of net time, measured time of participant from start to finish, and time difference between winner and  participant.


In order to provide fair start of competitors according to their physical abilities and physical condition, participants are asked to include themselves in the part of starting corridor in which each individual rider expects time of arrival to the finish.

Pre-Registration is only possible through the electronic application on the website www.jurisnavrsic.com until AUGUST 28th!!!. Check-out competition is possible only during the pre-registration period.

All users of e-registration are requested to submit accurate information and not send more than one application for each participant. Prticipants are kindly asked to keep payment confirmation and if possible show it at registration.

Participant that will not settle entry fee of 22€ on time (including 28.8.2023 at latest!) by bank transfer to the organizers account,  will need to reregister!
!! “Start pack“ (race bib and gift) are given to each pre registred participant on the day of the event between 8:00 and 10:00, pick up point at the hotel “Ramada & Suite Resort Kranjska Gora“.
!!! Pre-registred participants are kindly asked to collect their “start pack“ UNTILL 10:00 as oganizer does not guarantee participation for late registrations.

In case of multiple payments list of participants MUST be sent by e-mail to info@jurisnavrsic.com in order to register all payed entries.

Registration on the day of event is possible between 8:00 and 10:30 at the event area at hotel hotelu “Ramada & Suite Resort Kranjska Gora“. Entry fee 30€.


60 and more – born in year 1963 and earlier
50 – 59 years – born between year 1964 and l. 1973
40 – 49 years – born between year 1974 and l. 1983
30 – 39 years – born between year 1984 and l. 199
under 30 years – born. 1994 and later

IMPORTANT! Participants under the age of 16 must be accompanied by escort of a parent or organized groups.

Control – disqualification
Each competitor must have an eChip attached to the front wheel hub. Start number must be clearly seen and attached to the handlebar or on the left side of participants back. In order to provide time measurement, each participant is required to ride over “timing carpet“ at the official start and finish of the competition. Results will not be declared for the participants who will not have installed chip and race numbers in accordance with this notice.

Health and Insurance

Each participant competes on its own responsibility, the organizer is not responsible for any damage caused to the materials and people. The organizer recommends participants to arrange their own accident insurance.
Participants will be accompanied by an ambulance car with race doctor behind the last ascending participant which will move forward in the event of an emergency intervention. Organizer provides medical care at the time of ascent (which ends after the last participant crosses finish line).


  • Cycling descent from the pass Vršič to Kranjska Gora is very hazardous and participants must ride SLOW and with great CAUTION! The organizer does not guarantee medical care during descent!
  • Participants below the age of 16 years must be accompanied by an adult participant.
  • Participantc with electric bikes are allowerd to participate out of the race categories.


Equipment transpost
Organizer provides transpot of spare equipment to finish at Vršič Pass 30 minutes before start (10:30). Participants are asked to leave their bags on marked bus that leaves start area at 10:30.

Organizer takes no responsibility for valuables left on the transfer bus!

Road closure
Because the total road closure of the Vršič road 10:30 and 13:30 organizer asks all followers and supporters who intend to drive to Vršič Pass before the event start at 11:00!!!

All traffic during the road closure is NOT ALLOWED!!!

Parking spaces at the top of Vršič Pass are limited therefore organizer recommends parking at the Erjavčeva cottage or other appropriate locations at the edge of the road.

Announcement of results
Official results announcement is scheduled at 14:00 at the event area in hotel “Ramada Resort Kranjska Gora“.

General Provisions
By registering the participant confirms that the information you wrote in the online application or the date on the notification flyer events are true. Participant states that it is healthy, prepared for active participation, medical examination and medically fit to ascent  the cycling route. Registrated competitor confirms he/she will respect all organizers instructions and will participate at his/her own risk. The participant confirms that accepts the risks associated with participation in the event and will not assert any claims, nor will invest any action against the organizer for any damage suffered in connection with participation in the event. The participant agrees that the organizer publishes his/her data, photos, videos and statements in the media without reimbursement.

The organizer will use the personal information of the participant in accordance with the Law on Personal Data Protection Act (Official Gazette. RS. 86/2004 to 113/2005). By registring the event, the participant authorizes the organizer that his/her personal data are processed in organizers collections and to use them for the following purposes: statistical processing, segmentation, contractual obligations, sending offers, promotional material, magazines and invitations to events organizer and its partners, and telephone , written and electronic surveys. Personal data may be processed until receipt of the written cancellation.Competition will be held in accordance with the contents the Consumer Protection Act (ZVPot-NPB5).

Competition will be held in accordance with the content of this notice.

Any changes concerning of the notice of the event will be published on website www.jurisnavrsic.com.

The organizer reserves the right to modify the contents of gift bag and adjust the place of the event according to the current weather conditions in / on-site / site events. Unofficial results of the competition will be displayed an hour after the event in event tent before official winner ceremony. Official results will be published on the websites www.jurisnavrsic.com and www.timingljubljana.si .

All participants are advised to bring sufficient refreshments  for the time of ascent as there is no organized refreshment zone provided untill the finish area.  Participants of the event are encouraged to respect nature and not to dump packaging of energy plates and drinks on the street!

Sport greetings and cordially invited to attend the “44rd Assault on Vršič“!